February 21, 2024

Here’s How Inlogik’s Corporate Card Management Platform Helps Drive Growth

Imagine adding a customer experience layer to bring control and visibility to your corporate Card Management Platform.

That’s where Inlogik can help. 

Complement your existing corporate card offering with Inlogik’s intuitive Card Management Platform.

It’s a modular online platform that interfaces seamlessly with any card processor or network scheme, allowing corporate customers to flexibly manage their card programs. 

Designed with ease of use in mind, Inlogik’s CMP helps increase visibility, improves efficiency, and ultimately simplifies every element of corporate card control.

“Many banks have systems running in the background that weren’t necessarily designed with end customers in mind,” explained Inlogik’s Senior Business Development Manager, Helen Berry.

“It means a lot of manual, paper-based processes have to happen around what should be simple things like spend-limit changes for card holders.

“What Inlogik does is put a user experience layer over those card products that allows users to manage their own programs, and remove a lot of those manual touchpoints that ultimately frustrate end customers.”

Customisation That Doesn’t Impact Your Core Banking

While Inlogik’s intuitive Card Management Platform acts as a seamless interface between existing banking systems and corporate card customers, one defining feature is the fact that it’s fully customisable in a way that doesn’t affect core banking.

“It can integrate with all sorts of different systems, so you’re not necessarily having to make changes to your core banking platforms—which are often difficult to update as they’re customised specifically to the bank in question,” Berry said.

“Instead, these sort of customisations can be reflected in configurations in Inlogik’s Card Management Platform.”

That ease of use and intuitive interface enables card administration to take place in real time—not with the familiar 24-hour delay that typically frustrates card users.

“Rather than having to fill in a form for a new card, it can be all done online and in real time,” explained Inlogik’s Chief Revenue Officer, Penny Cox.

“You might have a card holder at the airport about to embark on an overseas trip who’s just realised they’ve gone over their monthly spend limit.

“Crises can be averted with real-time limit adjustments, so they can buy whatever they need and go happily on their way.

“The banks are happy, too—because while it used to cost them a lot of time and money to make these sorts of changes, our Card Management Platform engages directly with their back-end systems and allows the banks to reduce their operational costs.”

In-Built Security Standards and Frameworks

With cybersecurity a vital consideration in an ‘always on’ digital landscape, Inlogik’s CMP has been designed to not only meet the highest security standards, but also to be flexible enough to change with the times.

“We have all the security standards and frameworks factored in as part of the build,” Berry said.

“Everything is secure—it’s all secure storage of data, secure transfer of data—plus we’ve got the ability to integrate with all sorts of different systems on the bank’s side.”

Agile Enough to Meet any Regulatory Requirement 

It’s a platform that also takes regulatory requirements into account, no matter where it’s being implemented around the world.

“Everything is secure—it’s secure storage of data, secure transfer of data—and we’re experienced in working with regulatory requirements for different regions all over the world,” Berry explained.

“And it’s not just a static piece of software—there are constant updates and evolutions, and the support and development is maintained and ongoing.”

Designed to Simplify Complexity

In an era when every dollar needs to be accounted for, this comprehensive visibility around spend remains an obvious drawcard.

“What most of these corporations are looking for is visibility across data of company spend, which is why having the ability to report across spend is really important,” Berry said.

“For companies that don’t have a platform that works well for them, they might be pulling data from three different systems in order to try and give their customers the reporting they need.”

For a Card Management Platform that supports multiple schemes, multi-national requirements—including currencies and languages—and direct customer messaging, what sets Inlogik’s CMP apart is simply its simplicity.

“It really was created with the end customer in mind,” Cox explained. 

“So even though it gives banks and their finance teams exactly what they need, from an end user’s perspective and by building such an intuitive interface, it genuinely is very easy to use. 

“We hear that feedback all the time.”

For companies looking for a quick-to-market solution, the whole Card Management Platform can be implemented in stages—with an option to add new products and upgrades at a later date.

That means there’s no major upheaval or costly disruption to services, with Inlogik’s on-the-ground support staff always on hand to ensure a smooth transition for every implementation. 

It also fully integrates with a range of banking platforms—including TSYS (TS2), Fiserv, DXC, VisionPLUS, Visa, and Mastercard.

“At the end of the day, it’s just about bringing a whole range of separate things into one place—whether they’re processes, or features, or functionality that’s not being fully utilised—and making everything accessible to the end customer,” Berry explained. 

“But the platform is also designed so that the banks themselves have visibility and can see trends that are happening across their portfolio.

“So if there’s a noticeable fluctuation in a particular card requested, or a trend in how cards are being used, the bank can communicate to all of their customers at once, rather than having to engage with them on a one-to-one basis.”

Time to Upgrade Your Corporate Card Management Platform?

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